Training Program

Training Programm

Safety-Assessor-Course - The 6th Module starts on 13 April 2021

Cosmetics Consultants Europe (CCE) in Cooperation with RWTH International Academy

The safety assessment training will enable participants to perform Safety Assessments (SAs) for cosmetics according to the Cosmetics Product Regulation N° 1223/2009. Educators from the RWTH will provide the science background, while CCE industry experts from all over Europe will contribute their hands-on experiences from doing SAs – find all pertinent information on the training website.

The training consists of 6 modules, each consisting of 4 evening on-line seminars + 1-full attendence day; as such the actual COVID-19 situation is not interfering. Actually, the attendance day will be also be held as online-session.

Safety Assessor Course - Website
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Safety Assessment Course Demo

Sicherheitsbewerterkurs Demo

A Preview Demonstration on our Way of Training

CCE/RWTH International Academy - Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment Training

We want to share our knowledge wth the course participants. See three examples on our concept:
- Hidden Sensitizers
- Serious Undesirable Effect - What now?
- Relating Microbiology and Safety

Online Seminar - Sign up for free by email to - Code: CPSR Demo

Free Demo - 14. January 2021, 18.00 – 18.45 CET

Safety Assessment Course


Roadmap to Becoming a Cosmetic Product Safety Assessor

Milestone 1

Cosmetics safety assessment is a complex exercise involving interdisciplinary scientific approaches in the fields of toxicology, chemistry, pharmacology, biology/life sciences, as well as product and packaging technology and regulatory affairs. All areas will be addressed during the training program.

[PDF] CCE/WTH Training-Courses - Milestone 1

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