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Lecture on Regulation (EC) 1907/2016 - REACH

CONUSBAT is Network-Partner in Education of RWTH International Academy

The RWTH International Academy is the official Advanced Education Academy of the RWTH Aachen University towards the goal of interlinking occupational and academic education. Annelie Struessmann teaches the course on REACH within the Master Program MLAS since 2016.

RWTH International Academy Network in Education - MLAS April-May 2020

Training Program

Training Programm


Cosmetics Consultants Europe (CCE) in Cooperation with RWTH Aachen RWTH International Academy

An updating blog on the implementation status

Safety Assessor Course - Updating Blog

Technical Conference

Technical Conference

Clarifying the changing regulatory landscape in Europe and its impact worldwide

Annelie Struessmann is speaking at the 10th ICIS World Surfactants Conference

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Presentation Contents:
- REACH Refresher: Update on the framework and on ECHA
- What organizations face when launching products for EU consumption
- Coming changes in Europe and in the European regulatory landscape
- An in-depth look on the impact on surfactants

Registration - ICIS World Surfactant Conference 2020
10th ICIS World Surfactants Conference, 13 - 15 May 2020 / Jersey City / NJ / USA



The New European Union

How well prepared are you for Brexit?

CONUSBAT has partnered with a UK colleague; thus, we are prepared for reacting on Britain leaving the European Union.

If you have questions about the Brexit, pls. contact us.

CCE Open Academy 2019

CCE Open Academy 2019

REACH registration dossier compliance has become priority for ECHA

ECHA's Laurence Hoffstadt presented at the CCE Open Academy

The European Chemicals Agency ECHA is sharply focused on tackling widespread incompliance with REACH registrations and dossiers, moving forward with a joint European Commission action plan.

Cosmetics Design, 25 November 2019

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CONUSBAT is now located in Bielefeld

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